Frisco Unlimited Wash Program

Frisco Residential Unlimited Wash Program Sign-Up

As an option for our locals to save money, we now offer a pre-paid monthly account allowing you to do laundry at the Frisco location during a 30-day period for $60. Sign up through our PayPal sign-up page below for the reoccurring charge to your bank account, credit card or debit card. You will be issued a wash card that can be used on all machines. Each month we will charge your account the $60 fee and the card will be activated for 30 days from the charge. This is for residential customers only, no business use (i.e. VRBO, AirBnB, property management use, etc.). This card is also for your personal use and is not intended to be shared with anyone not living full-time in your household. If found using this program for any of these uses the card will be deactivated and you will be charged for the full price of the used machinery. The card has a monthly cap of $125 swiped. If you use more than that amount in a 30 day period your account will be charged for each dollar over that amount.

$60.00 Per 30-Day Period

Check Out Via PayPal
PayPal Account Required
All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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